We’re pleased to unveil our new website, where you can find details of our upcoming conference and workshops and news on our activity and recommendations.

The 2017 Conference in London is nearly complete now with appearances from old friends and new faces as we delve deeper into the nature of self! So far we’re pleased to announce you will be able to hear EXCLUSIVE lectures from – Dr Bruce Lipton Ph.D, Dr Joe Dispenza DC, Gregg Braden, Drs. JJ Hurtak Ph.D, Ph.D and Desiree Hurtak Ph.D plus more over 3 days.

Join us on this 3 day adventure, full of mind-blowing new research presented by best-selling authors, scientists and philosophers, a deeper delve into human consciousness, a blend of science and spirituality, and a room full of like-minded people. A thoroughly enjoyable, insightful and thought provoking conference.
For the full schedule, please visit our conference page.

The amazing transformation that is always visible as the participants arrive on the Friday evening, some having travelled from distant countries, some having just having finished work for the day not sure what the weekend has instore for them. By the end of the conference on the Sunday, you can feel the joy, see all the happy faces, the spring in their step, the new friendships – leaving with new tools, increased awareness and insights.

Full details of the events, getting there (venue address, directions and nearby accommodation) and pricing can be found on our site:  WWW.TCCHE.ORG

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For our other soul inspiring events, join us in Dublin, London or Paris:

Dr Joe Dispenza’s Progressive Workshop in Dublin and London (early bird tickets currently available).


Gregg Braden will be in Paris in 2018 with French translation (early bird tickets available).


We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our events…..